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Thankful Thursday

Whelp it’s officially summer break.  Most schools are out and all I think about is Moo starting to preschool this August.  I can’t believe that in two months the Mr, JJ and I will be walking her to class for her first day.  I’m thankful that she’s getting more excited about going to school.  She was going through a brief period where she was telling me that she didn’t want to go to school.  And that was not something that I wanted to here because I enjoyed school growing up.  Plus, I’m all about getting a great education.
I’m also thankful that we got the opportunity to have another family outing this past weekend.  We went to celebrate one of my closest friend’s son’s birthday.  It help good to see her again because I hadn’t seen her since last year at her mom’s funeral.  And Moo who is typically shy around big crowds surprised me by actually bonding and making new friends!  I couldn’t believe how brave she was being walking up to kids and asking them to play.
I’m thankful that she’s coming out of her shell.  I know that school is going to help her come out of her shell even more.  I’m thankful that JJ’s meltdown at the party was short lived.  He found a toy lawn mower and took off pretending to mow the grass.  He had a blast!
Most importantly, I’m thankful that we’ve had two family outings with the Mr included this month.  That’s very unusual for us because of his work schedule.  I’m not complaining though but hoping that we can keep this up next month.  Happy Thankful Thursday YUMMs!
What’s on your gratitude list this week?
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