Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday YUMMs!  This week started off kind of sad with the death of one of my favorite fashion designers, Oscar de la Renta.  He passed this past Monday due complications from cancer, which had been battling for over 7 years,  The fashion world has loss another great and he’ll be truly missed.  My heart definitely goes out to his family.  I’m thankful that before he passed, he was able to pursue his dream and touch so many through his designs.
Last week the Mr celebrated his birthday.  I’m thankful that he has been blessed to see another year and that we got to celebrate it with him.  Life is so fleeting and birthdays for me have become so very special and bittersweet now that I’m adult.  Having loss so many important people and watched others battle for their lives, makes me cherish being able to see another year that much more.  I’m also thankful that he liked his present because it can be pretty much a hit or miss with him.
I had my first parent-teacher conference for Moo this morning and it went very well.  Thankfully, we were on time.  This week she was late for school once (by 2 minutes) and we cut it close on Tuesday.  I’ve been burning the late night oil and it shows in the mornings when the alarm goes off.  
After today’s conference, I can definitely say that Moo’s a teacher’s pet, in a good way.  Just watching the way her teacher’s face lit up as she talked about what an ideal student Moo is, made this mommy proud beyond words.  I’m most thankfully that her teacher was a big help today with helping us finally get the school to start making Moo a lunch that meets her dietary needs because she was really wanting to get a cafeteria lunch instead of bringing lunch from home everyday.  My pockets are thanking as well because I can cut back on my grocery bill.
I think since the field trip, I’ve come to see her teacher in a different light.  The bullying situation from the first day of school and a few other hiccups had left me with a bad taste in my mouth, but having spent some time observing her teacher and seeing her interact with students, I feel more at ease.  And I’m very grateful for that because no parent wants to constantly feel uneasy when they drop their child off to school everyday.
One of the biggest projects I’ve been working on is getting ready to come to completion and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I’m so ready to show it off.  I got a glimpse of the finished product and I can’t even put into words how giddy it made me feel.  I’m really proud of myself and am looking forward to sharing more about it with y’all.
For over 3 years I have been struggling to come to grips with the loss of my Ma (my aunt) and it seems like the fog of great sadness surrounding her death if finally lifting from me.  Out of all the people I’ve loss in my life her passing shook me to my core.  There were just so many things I was carrying around emotionally that wouldn’t let me find peace.  For months after she first passed, I cried in secret multiple times a day.
Even this year there have been nights after I’ve put the kids that I’ve given in to crying from just feeling overwhelmed by it all.  I miss her like crazy and wish I didn’t have to continue going through life without her.  I hate the fact that JJ never got the chance to meet her and that Moo was too young to remember her.  She was awesome-sauce!  She got me completely and never judged me.  I can only describe our bond divine and meant to be. (And just like that I’m crying again, but tears of joy this time.)
Lastly, I’m grateful for a reminder that God is always here to catch me when I’m falling.  I can’t tell y’all how much comfort I find in knowing that.  I’ve been listening to this song from Mary Mary on repeat for days because it puts a voice to exactly how I feel.
What are you giving thanks for today?
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