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Thankful Thursday

It is almost the weekend again!  Not sure what we’re going to do yet though.  There’s a park literally at the end of our street and around the corner.  So, if the weather holds up we might venture to check it out.  Notice anything different?  Well for starters the Thankful Thursday logo is different.  And I also got rid of the Blogger navigation bar that’s usually at the top of every page.
There are more changes to come as I learn how to redesign my blog.  That brings me to the first thing that I am thankful for this week-DIY blog tutorials.  It’s a blessing to have other bloggers and graphic designers out there who don’t mind sharing a few of their tricks.  Sure it would be easier to hire a blog designer to revamp, but then I wouldn’t be learning anything.  And if anything went wrong with the design I’d have to be dependent the designer and spend more money to have the problem fixed.  I don’t want to be dependent on anyone when it comes to YUMMommy.
I’m thankful that so far August hasn’t been nearly as rainy as July was.  There have definitely been more opportunities for us to get out and explore.  I’m thankful that we live up the street from one of our favorite restaurants-Chicken King!!  If y’all ever come to the Queen City, check out one of their locations.  The food is so yummy.
We’re still waiting for Moo’s screening appointment for Pre-K, but in the meanwhile she’s been voluntarily asking me to go over her ABCs, numbers and more with her!  It’s one thing for me to initiate learning.  But now that she does it, my heart just swells even more with mommy joy!  I think every parent wants their child to love learning and have a proactive role in building their education.  I’m thankful for every extra step that have and will continue to take to shape my children into better people!

What are you thankful for this week?

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