Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


Happy Thankful Thursday!  It’s that time again.  Let’s open those gratitude journals and reflect on all of the positive and wonderful things that happened this past week.  And if you don’t keep a gratitude journal, I definitely recommend that you start one because it’s so uplifting and humbling to be able to look back and recognize all of the things you have to be thankful for.  Things that you may have even taken for granted just last week.

Life is one of those things that I took for granted, but am truly thankful for.  This past week has not been without its tragedies.  There was the shooting in at Pulse in Orlando, parents having to mourn the death of their toddler after he was attacked and killed by an alligator while on vacation, and a teenager was murdered (three others were injured)  in a drive-by shooting while attending a vigil for her friends who had drowned. Listen y’all, I don’t want to be walking here talking about these are the last days, but with so much death in the air back-to-back, it has made me appreciate each day that I’ve woken up with my family much more.

While I know that tomorrow is not promised to any of us, I’d be remissed if I didn’t admit that there is still a lot of living I want to do.  I want to see my children graduate, get married and have my grandkids.  I want to travel overseas.  I want to make more of a difference in the world around me.  It seems selfish to ask God for more time to allow me to do these things when so many other people’s lives have been cut short.

Still I’m praying that He will and that in the meanwhile, He continue to teach me how to live each day like it’s last.  I’m praying that He will help me to become more purposefully in how I spend my days.  I want to focus more on making memories with my family, more on giving back to others and more on strengthening my spiritual self.

ThankfulThursday June 16th

This week I’m also thankful that we’ve had an awesome first week of Summer Break!  It feels amazing to sleep-in and not have to turn off four alarms, rush through breakfast and then rush out the door.  And while our Summer Break just started, I can’t help realize how NOT far off August is.  There are so many experiences I want to cram into these peaceful and carefree days.  A part of me leaning towards attempting to homeschool because I don’t want to cram anything.  I want the flexibility of being able to take my time without any outside restraints.  Thus, this is my love-hate relationship with school.

Last night the kids were running around the living room laughing and being a bit rambunctious as kids often are.  My little guy fell onto one of the coffee tables and the corner caught him by his front teeth.  Talk about a heart-stopping moment.  At first, I thought it had gotten his eye and I was preparing to see the worst when he turned around.  But he had hit his front top teeth.

I am so thankful that he was okay.  His teeth weren’t knocked loose, but he did have some wood in from his teeth had chipped away a little dent in the table due the impact force.  The angels were looking out because I seriously don’t know how he didn’t even chip a tooth.  Just the sound that came after his fall made me cringe.  Needless to say I’ve reinstated a no running policy.

I’m thankful that Moo’s love for reading continues to grow by the day.  We have checked out 72 books from our local libraries this week with more books on hold!  She’s even requested to start a Mommy & Me Booktube channel on YouTube.  I know that whether or not she goes back to traditional school or we decide to homeschool, her reading skills are going to be through the roof.  I love that I’m raising well-read children and am exposing them to a variety of different genres, authors, characters and adventures.

Lastly, I’m thankful that we didn’t have to throw out any of our food yesterday.  There were major power outages throughout the Queen City yesterday.  I’m talking about traffic lights not working, groceries shut down because of no power and our place wasn’t without power for three hours.  We kept the frig and freezer closed the entire time and thankful once the power came back on we checked and the ice in the freezer hadn’t even melted.  Everything was still nice and cold.

What made your gratitude list this week?  Leave me a comment below.

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  1. Keisha | The Girl Next Door is Black

    June 24, 2016 at 3:42 pm

    Ouch! I'm glad your son didn't chip any of his teeth or get otherwise injured. Eek, scary.72 library books?! Wow, now that's a haul. And I thought *I* was a bookworm as a kid. 🙂 That's great though, reading is amazing, especially as a kid discovering how life works.

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