Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday y’all!  I hope this week has been good to each and every one of you.  Last week was a bit draining and I ended up not getting a post up last Thursday.  This week has still been draining, but overall better than last week.  So I’m happy to be back sharing all of the things I found in my life to be grateful for this week.

For example, I’m so thankful that we had a three day weekend.  Halloween was on Monday and schools in our area were out.  Although, I forgot to turn off my alarms, JJ and I got to sleep in.  Moo is an early riser for the most part and still woke up bright and early.  However, she did a great job of entertaining herself with breakfast, her dolls and some YouTube for Kids so that I could some extra rest.

Speaking of Halloween, I’m grateful that our Halloween raining streak came to end this year.  The kids were good sports about not having costumes because I really thought it was going to rain and we’d end up stuck in the house like the last three years.  We were able to get out and go trunk-or-treating at one our favorite churches.  My little guy did well the entire night, especially when the crowd got bigger.  He stayed calm and when he had had reached his limit, he politely asked to go home and was patient as we worked our way back to our car.

It’s such a blessing to see all of the progress he’s made and continues to make everyday.  I still weep sometimes when I remember the days when he couldn’t even day “Mommy” or he’d freak out in crowds or totally lose it when he heard music or other loud sounds.  I remember when his pediatrician wasn’t sure he’d walk without therapy and maybe even leg braces because the muscle mass on one side of body was so much less than the other.  If ever I need a reminder that God is real, I don’t to look any further than my son.

While we’re on the subject of JJ, he’s totally rocking out in homeschool and for that I am grateful as well.  I’ve taught other people’s children, but for some reason it’s so much scary teaching my own.  The first month of homeschooling, I definitely worried whether or not I was doing a good job, but now I know that I am.  I’ve reminded myself that part of the reason we’re homeschooling is so that we can move at a pace that is best for him and so that he can be in an environment that gives him the freedom to learn in the ways he is most comfortable.

Moo is such a busybody and is always twirling, trying to do flips and practice gymnastics on the furniture.  She took a bit of fall a few days ago and caught her arm in rather uncomfortable position on one of our couches.  I’m so grateful that she didn’t break her arm because as I watched the fall happen I thought she had.  It’s hard watching your children get hurt because you’re too far away to get to them to catch them.  We’ll be heading to the doctors probably tomorrow because she said that it started back hurting today, but I’m giving thanks in advance that we won’t leave with any bad news.

Lastly, I’m thankful that I’m making progress on my goal/resolution to improve my photography skills.  I’ve been really reading, researching and even taking a photography class – Become a Better Photographer on Udemy (sponsored link) –  and I feel like all my hard work is paying off.  I was very pleased with the photos from my POPSUGAR post.  I still have more room for improvement, but this is a start.

What are you giving thanks for this week?

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