Thankful Thursday

“Life without thankfulness is devoid of love and passion.”

~John Henry Jowett 

This Thankful Thursday is very special.  Why?  Well, two years ago today, I gave birth to my handsome and amazing JJ!  I am beyond thankful to be celebrating his second year of life.  He’s given me so much joy and showed me that there’s always room for a heart to grow.
He keeps me on my toes because he’s way more adventurous and outgoing than his sister was at his age.  And he’s showing no signs of slowing down.  I’m thankful that he’s healthy, smart and very loving.  He’s changed the lives of this family forever.  He’s made me more confident in my parenting skills.  He’s taught Moo how to share and what bonding is really like.  And for my husband, I think that the birth of our son is helping him to prove to himself that he’s not his past.
I’m also thankful that today we’ll be heading to New Orleans to celebrate with my older sister and soon to be bro in-law for their wedding this weekend.  I haven’t been to New Orleans in a while and I’ve missed them both terribly.  I’m over the moon happy for them and that I get to take part in their special day serving as her matron of honor.
I’m thankful that she’s found her life partner and that he appreciates her.  I’m thankful for this opportunity for our family to get together and enjoy a mini vacation together.  It’s going to be memorable for sure and a weekend we’ll all cherish.
What events in your life are you thankful for?

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