Thankful Thursday

I don’t know about y’all but I could definitely use a little Thankful Thursday this week.  So much sadness in the news and our stormy weather being back has me searching for some positivity.  This world may be a crazy place, but I refuse to let it consume me and my family.
I’m very thankful that I’ve been working hard on goodies to add to Moo’s Closet soon.  I’ve been researching some photography tips and I’m anxious to start snapping pictures and loading things on the website.  I’m more motivated than ever for my shop to take off because I’m in the process of trying to help my baby sister go back to school.  Colleges are starting to hand out less and less financial aid each year.  And she really wants to finish up her degree in baking and pastry.
I’m thankful that the Mr’s soreness is almost gone.  They took him out of work for this week, but he heads back next week.  It’s been really nice having him home.  We’re going to miss seeing him on a regular basis besides when he’s headed out the door.  Can’t wait to win the lottery!
JJ is trying to get move vocal.  That’s a huge plus because I do worry that he’s behind in the speech department.  I’m trying not to compare him to Moo when she was two or other toddlers his age.  I know that every child is different.  Just yesterday he told Moo to go away.  He had the go part down really well. So, I’ll keep working with him and getting him to use his words.
Thankful for the two rain-free days we’ve had so far this week.  It started back storming yesterday and a few neighborhoods that were already recovering from flooding are back on flood watch.  Makes me thankful we don’t live at the bottom of a hill or near a pond..
And of course, all of this rain has been making the grass super fast.  Well, our neighbor once again stepped up and cut our grass last night.  He was out there until it got dark just cutting away on his riding lawn mower.  Bless his sweet heart.  He’s been very helpful this week.  
What are you giving thanks for today?

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