Thankful Thursday

Y’all, God is good!  Seriously, something happened this morning that just proved to me that He really keeps His angels around us.  Whether we ask Him or not, God is always protecting us and stepping into the mist of dangerous situations to help us come out unharmed.  With that said, I am definitely thankful this week that God is merciful and never forsakes us.  I’m thankful for His angels always being on watch.

I’m also thankful for stronger faith.  It seems like since our move things have just been out of sorts.  Just a lot building up on my plate.  And yesterday, I felt like I was at my throw-in-the-towel point.  My mind was telling me to call it quits on everything, but thankfully my heart told me not to because my faith was stronger than that.  Sure, I may be going through right now, but things will get better. 
We all go through rainy seasons.  It’s not the craziness going down around us that matters by how we emerge from it.  And I think that once our season of peace comes, I’m going to be even more inspired, motivated and stronger because of all that I’m going through now. 
I’m thankful for the lovely outings we had last weekend.  Anytime that we get to spend time together as a whole family is always special.  I’m thankful that the holidays are almost upon us!!  While I’ve been looking at decorations, Moo has been busy scooping out stuff to add to her Christmas and birthday lists.  I’m telling y’all by the time either of those gets here, Moo is going to have a list three miles long.
She’s been watching cartoons and commercials like her life has depended on it.  I her Santa would look at her list and decide how good she was to determine which gifts she should get.
I’m thankful for having the courage to post my first vlog!!!  Yes, I finally did it.  Check it out here and don’t forget to enter the giveaway that’s at the end.
What are you most thankful for this week?  Has your child started talked about Santa yet?

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  1. Stefany Mari ❤

    September 29, 2013 at 6:01 am

    “I'm thankful for His angels always being on watch.” Amen to that. I need to be more thankful for this as well.

    How old is Moo turning? Girl my daughter has been talking about Christmas since Dec 26 2012 LOL.

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