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Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Crowdtap. I agreed to sample the products below and share my honest opinion.  All opinions are 100% my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Crowdtap or Zep Commercial.
Before having kids, keeping a clean house was not too hard.  For the most part it was just me and the Mr, with occasional overnight guests here and there.  Now let’s fast forward to the present.  I have two kids, who make more than their share of messes.  Also, with Moo being in school, we have more than the usual amount of germs coming in.
So, I was glad when I got the opportunity to try out the Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant and Zep All-Around Oxy Cleaner and Degreaser from Zep Commercial.
I was really looking forward to trying out the Quick Clean Disinfectant because y’all have read all about how the germs swarmed down on us like the plague for weeks after Moo started kindergarten.  It was not the business at all.  Other disinfectant and anti-bacterial cleaners can take up to 10 seconds to kill cold and flu germs, but Zep’s only takes 5 seconds!  That matters to me.  That’s five less seconds that I have to worry about germs spreading.
I’ve been using this on the kitchen sink after washing dishes, spraying down the door knobs and even cleaning the toilet.  You can also spray a little bit on a cleaning cloth and wipe down your remotes, video game controllers, etc.  Anything we’re touching on a frequent and day to day basis, I wiped down.
The All-Around Oxy Cleaner and Degreaser definitely got put to use last week when Moo got sick.  We’re sitting down enjoying a Christmas movie in the living room when out of the blue she just started throwing up everywhere.  None of us had time to react.  We rushed her to bathroom as quickly as we could but as you can see on the picture on the left, we weren’t quick enough.
We’d had spaghetti with a tomato meat sauce lunch and I’m sure I don’t need to tell y’all that tomatoes or anything red will stain light colors.  Then throw in the little bit of grease from the meat and I was just wondering how we were going to get up the stains from the carpet.  And the smell was just as awful.  I remembered the Zep All-Around Oxy Cleaner and Degreaser could be used on carpet (and couches) and gave it a try.  I think the results speak for themselves.
I’m really glad we had it on hand because the Mr was running late for work and did not have time to stop by the store and come back.  It worked beautifully on the couch and didn’t leave any discolorations.  Once the spots dried, I did hit them a spray of the disinfectant.
I’ve used the All-Around cleaner to scrub sticky jelly from the kitchen cabinets and counters when Moo tried to make herself a sandwich on Monday.  I’ve been using it to degrease the stove after I cook in the evenings and it holds its own compared to other cleaners and even works faster at cutting through grime and dried on stains than a few.
Overall, I am satisfied with these products and would recommend them.  Be sure to follow Zep Commercial on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all discounts and new product releases.
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  1. Uplifting Families

    November 24, 2014 at 2:56 am

    I need some of this in my house. With three dogs and a three year old our carpets could use a cleaning.

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