Summertime Fun With Kool-Aid Kool Creations And Big Time Rush

Every household has the one product that they us a lot of on a regular basis-toilet paper, soap, lotion.  For my family Kool-Aid is that product.  We roughly go through a one and a half to two pitchers a day (and our pitcher is big).  So, any given week I’m spending well over $6 on Kool-Aid drink mix alone.  And of course, you can’t make my family’s favorite beverage without sugar.  We use a lot of that too.

I’m not complaining though because all that Kool-Aid consumption has paid off this week.  You see last year my niece introduced Moo to Big Time Rush via their show on Nick and she’s been a fan ever since.  Thanks to me being such a big spender on Kool-Aid at Walmart, I got a discount code for a BTR Family Four-Pack for just $50!  Now I know that I’m not the only mom with a BTR fan or two in the house.  So, you all can kick up the summertime fun by getting in on this Family Four-Pack deal too.

Just download the Shoparoo app to your phone.  Then go pick up at least $6 in Kool-Aid products from Walmart (includes Kool-Aid Jammers too).  You upload your receipt to Shoparoo and within 48 hours your discount code is sent to the email you registered with.  Very simple process.
Can you tell what we’re about to make?
You all know the Mr had surgery on Friday.  So, I needed something fun to keep the kids busy while he rested.  We decided to make popsicles!  All you need is a pitcher of Kool-Aid or Kool-Aid Jammers, popsicle molds and a half cup of fruit (fresh or canned).  Fill your molds half way with Kool-Aid and then add in as much fruit as your molds can hold.  Freeze for 30 mins to a hour and you’ll have a healthy and yummy treat for the whole family!
Moo nicknamed our Kool Creation Strawberry Delicious Surprise
And as if scoring four Big Time Rush tickets for $50 wasn’t enough, Walmart and Kool-Aid are hosting a contest for a chance to win meet & greet passes & tickets.  All I had to do to enter was upload a picture of our Kool Creation here.  Your Kool-Aid Kool Creation doesn’t have to be food like ours was.  Other families have made playdough, paint and more using Kool-Aid products.  
Thanks to Kool-Aid and Walmart, the amount of summertime fun our families can have are endless!  So get to shopping and creating with the kids!
What would your family’s Kool Creation be?

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  1. The Mommy-Files

    August 19, 2013 at 12:39 am

    Sounds like you and your family had fun and then got to enjoy the yummy treat afterwards. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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