Sleep Fighters

This is my second night doing a late night post.  Why?  Well, it seems like my kids have turned into sleep fighters lately.  For example, tonight I started getting JJ settled down for bed around 7:30.  I put on his steroid cream because he was feeling a bit itchy and changed him into fresh clothes.  Since, his bouncer seat incident I’ve been just bouncing him to sleep on my lap.

He was having no such thing tonight.  He squirmed, twisted around, kicked his legs, flailed his arms and whined off and on for almost 3 hours before he finally fell asleep.  I was feeling proud of myself for not giving in and letting him get down and get crunk again.  I probably wouldn’t even be typing this post right now if I had.

And then Moo decides to start up her ‘I’m hungry’ song.  Ugh..  I have one kid to sleep and another who’s now trying to fight sleep by refueling up with food.  I can even get started on how she woke up at 1 AM demanding yogurt.  What is about sleep that kids don’t like?  I loved my sleep when I was kid.  It wasn’t until my teenage years that I started to enjoy staying up late. 

However, as an adult, I’m not a happy camper when I’ve been up too long.  My eyes start to burn, I get a headache and things that simple small end up getting blown out of portion.  I’m struggling right now to focus long enough to hit the publish button.  Seriously, I’ve had to backspace and correct the spelling of so many words in this post. LOL.  

So, tomorrow I think we’re going to bundle up and head outside for some extra exercise.  Hopefully, that works and will help to burn off this extra energy that they seem to have built up these last few days.

How do you tackle restlessness in your children? 


  1. Alicia

    November 5, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    Dude. I feel your pain! Aiden went through a phase like that and it was the hardest thing ever! Especially because I had no one to pass him off too. Sigh. This too shall pass, my love.

  2. Mimi

    November 5, 2012 at 7:17 pm

    Girrrllll, I have no tips. You know my woes are your woes. I don't get it. I am trying to put them on a strict schedule this week. I need to get some continuous sleep. The baby is still waking up with the hacking night cough. I am going to break down and take her to the doctor.

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