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Searching For Hope

Last week and this weekend have been very trying.  And that’s putting it mildly.  So, we finally had to put our foot down on our landlord because something crawled into one of the walls from underneath the house, got stuck and died.  We woke up to find maggots coming through the baseboards (which aren’t flush with the floor at all) and foul smell.  At first I thought the Mr had spilled some rice because I wasn’t wearing my glasses.  But when I went to put on my glasses because it seemed like the rice was moving, I threw a fit when I saw they were maggots!

I was ready to go through the roof.  We are clean freaks because who likes living in a dirty house.  Secondly, with my kids’ allergies I’m cleaning pretty much three times a day (sweeping, steam mopping, the whole nine).  We called the landlord multiple times and he kept forwarding us to voicemail.  On Thursday, he shows up to attempt to fix our clogged bathroom sink.  We don’t get in to with him or anything.  He simply asks if we’ve seen more bugs and I say no and walk off.

Friday comes and I go to check the mail.  Low and behold what do I find?  I packet with the landlord’s handwriting on it.  It’s a note saying that he’s terminated our month to month lease.  And guess what else?  It’s dated for the Thursday!  Like really, he couldn’t have told us Thursday that he was terminating our lease because he doesn’t want to fix anything and we’re filing a code violation complaint?

Y’all my first thought was to do something very un-Christian-ish.  After my anger simmered down a bit, panic set in.  We’ve been looking to buy a house which is a long process and we only had seven days from the Friday to find a new place to live!!  I was freaking out because all I could think about was that my family was going to be homeless.  I don’t know if any of you have ever been homeless, but I almost was as a child and the Mr was homeless (yea like sleeping outside) when he was a child.

So over these past few days we’ve been calling around and calling around and going to see rental properties.  Up until a few minutes ago we were really wondering if we’d have find a hotel and put our stuff in storage?  Living month to month in a hotel is more expensive than paying a mortgage or rent.  And we still would have needed to buy food and pay for gas.  But God is good!  We have finally found a place.

It’s farther from the Mr’s job and smaller than the place we’re leaving but it will do.  It’s bug-free, leak-free, and mold-free!  Plus, it puts us back in city limits.  So, now I can get the hustle and bustle of being in the mist of it all.  Moo gets to be five minutes away from her favorite library and places like the Discovery Place.  I’m two minutes from college dorm.  That’s perfect because I’m going back to school.  So, I don’t have far to ride in case there’s emergency back home.

At the end of the day, we didn’t let this defeat us.  I’m wiped away my tears and forced myself to look on the bright side which is that we’ll be free of this rental for good.  The 23rd Psalm says the Lord is our shepard and we shall not want for anything. And I trusted in Him and kept searching for hope hat we find something.   And we did.   Keep us in prayer yall!!

7 thoughts on “Searching For Hope

  1. Got you in my prayers. I hate landlords some of them are just ….I can't think of a nice word. I am glad you all found a place and fast. The Lord will not let his children suffer he comes right on time.

  2. What a crazy experience but glad it all worked out! I've had my share of housing drama including an awful landlord and 18 months in court. It was a nightmare going through it but like your situation everything worked out in the end. Wishing you well as you pack up and move!

  3. Oh wow, is it even legal for terminate at such notice? Either way, it was clearly a blessing in disguise because the new place seems like it'll be better for you all. Things always have a way of working in our favor in the end.

  4. That is absolutely crazy!! I'm so happy it all worked out. Have no doubt though, all things work together for your good!

  5. Oh that's one of the things i hate about renting when landords act like complete morons. But i am so glad you found something that suits your family's needs. it will be a blessing for sure!

  6. I'm so glad you found some place comfortable for you and your family.

  7. P.S. We get so scared and anxious forgetting OUR FATHER has it all in control!!!

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