Romance Wednesday: Complex Creatures


 “Men are complex creatures whose ways seem just as mysterious to us as ours do to them.  It isn’t fair to accuse them of being unromantic or unloving just because their ways of creating romance and expressing love may be different from ours.  My point is, don’t expect your husband to be like you.

~Robin McGraw
Inside My Heart: Choosing to Live with Passion and Purpose
During the early years of our courtship, I was always telling people how unromantic my husband was.  He didn’t write me love notes or send me poetry.  And he wasn’t into buying flowers except on Valentine’s Day.
It finally dawned on me after reading this quote in Robin’s book that I had been lying all those years.  My husband was romantic.  He just showed in different ways.  His way.
He was always putting extra gas in my car, making sure it was clean and freshly washed.  He would risk having his manhood revoked by watching The Hills with me. And how can I forget about all the mornings he surprised me breakfast!
I’ve learned to stop expecting him to do romance my way and allow him to love the way HE knows how.
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