Recently June: What I’m Anticipating, Celebrating, Marveling,Planning & Creating

Who wants to play a game of Catch Up?  Now that I’m officially back from my blogging hiatus, I thought a Recently post would be the best way to get y’all up to speed with what’s been going with the YUMMommy family.  Also, let me know if you’re loving the new blog layout.  This was the layout I wanted from the started, but couldn’t seem to find one with that allowed me to have the level of customization that I wanted until I checked out Creative Market.  If you’re looking for blog templates, graphics, fonts, etc definitely check them out.  Lots of vendors and great quality products.


Summer Break has been on my mind since Christmas!  Don’t get me wrong, I love that this school year has been a great one for Moo compared to last year.  She’s made awesome friends and had a great teacher.  However, I’ve been anticipating the days when I can sleep in, the nights we can stay up late watching movies other than Fridays and Saturdays and being able to do more activities as a family.  Summer we ready!


My little guy turned five last month!  I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all.  Life should come with a slow motion button.  I was looking at pictures of him from last year and reflecting on all the ways he’s grown.  Motherhood is bittersweet y’all.  On one hand I’m so proud of how independent the kids are getting, but on the other hand there’s this fear and sadness I have as they get closer and closer to leaving the nest.


If you follow me on Instagram you know that we’re growing a balcony garden.  I’ve always believed that growing things is just something that in my blood.  My mom has quite the green thumb.  She’s had houseplants since I can remember- ferns, African violets, peace lilies, etc.  She even managed to grow a patch of gourds and a sunflower one summer without even trying to.

My siblings and I used to help out our great-uncle in his garden when I was in middle school.  During the summer we’d weed and water his small veggie garden.  Then in the early fall we’d shell peas and shuck corn on his front porch while my mom cut up greens.  My grandparents were sharecroppers.  I’ve listened many days as my mom and her sisters told story about their lives growing up on their farm.

I said all that to say that I love our garden and how growing it has helped me to feel more connected to my roots.  I love how it’s provided another avenue for us to bond as a family and a way to teach Moo and JJ the value of caring for something as well as putting in hard work and effort.


I don’t want to spend all summer sleeping in.  Summers are meant for adventures.  For the last few weeks I’ve been working on our Summer Bucket List that I’ll be posting next week.  We’re planning on making some great memories this summer.  Here’s to lots of laughs, adventures and fun times.


My creative juices have been flowing.  I’m taking advantage of this and finishing up my novels.  I have two wonderful writing partners/accountability partners.  It feels good to be putting pen to paper and letting my characters lead me again.

I’ve also pulled my crochet hooks back out.  The middle panel of Moo’s Eiffel Tower Paris blanket is almost done.  I’m probably more excited about this than she is because this is my first time crocheting a graphghan blanket.  Plus I designed the pattern myself.  Crochet patterns are pretty simple to make.  All you need is PicMonkey, some royalty-free graphics and crochet pattern maker app.

Up next on my graghghan list is a Waddles from Gravity Falls inspired blanket for my sister and an Angry Birds inspired graphghan for JJ.

What have you been up to recently?  Is your family looking forward to Summer Break?

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