My Weekend WrapUp

It’s Sunday and the weekend is officially coming to a close.  I can’t say that I’m particularly sad about it though.  Saturday was the public debut of my KE Original accessory line in Chesterfield, SC.  Somehow, I got bamboozled into renting a booth at their Yard Sale of the Carolinas.  Hahaha…never again.  It was absolutely awful.

To start off, the $15 booth rental fee turned out to be nothing more than a fee for renting an empty booth space. There was no actual booth provided.  Thankfully, it had dawned on me that I should pack a table and I did.  And my booth space was nothing fancy.  We were smack dab in the middle of Fire Ant Central and Bee Haven. LOL.  Not to mention the sun came out around 9 AM and it started to cook us like hot dogs on a grill.

Yes, I got quite the tan, but no sun burn this time.  I took small breaks in shade whenever customers were stopping to look at my booth.  Oh let’s talk about the customers.  Those people don’t appreciate quality handmade items at all.  They were too busy buying up dusty shutters, a lawn mower motor, tents and one lady sold her dog for $15.  It was a total bust.  So, I loaded up my goods with the help of my brother and little sister and we high tailed it back home to head out to Chinese buffet.

I admit that I had been looking forward to making a small fortune at that thing.  I mean the way they advertised it, made it seem more like an arts & crafts festival than an actual junk sale extravaganza.  If I would have known those people wanted to buy junk, I could have emptied out my closet and storage.  But as my mom said, “At least you got the experience and know what it’s all about.”  However, all I want to know is can I get my money back?

While I did enjoy having my little brother home from college and spending time with the rest of the family, I was desperately missing my Moo. This weekend just so happens to be the weekend she visits with her father.  I missed her so much and was going a little nuts worrying what she was doing, if her diaper was wet or if her tummy was full.  I just wanted her back home with me.  That little girl is the light of my life.

And today I’m just enjoying a lazy Sunday.  Didn’t quite make it to church like I intended thanks to some people who shall remain nameless. LOL.  But I know that God won’t hold that against me. He knows that I have a good heart and that I’m usually at church every Sunday unless there is an emergency. 

So, I hope that you all have enjoyed your weekends and that you’re getting prepared for the start of a brand new week.  I know that I am. Don’t forget tomorrow is What I’m Making Monday around here.  And I’ll be doing my FIRST Giveaway!!!!!  Check back to see what I’ll be making and visit Baby Makin{g} Machine’s blog to see the other What I’m Making Monday posts that will be linked up on her page.

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