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My Mother’s Day Wish

By now I am sure that most of us have already received gifts, a few cards and probably tons of texts or social media shoutouts wishing us a Happy Mother’s Day.  I’ve celebrated with my family.  Yes, I’m one of those mommies who loves to be with her kiddies on Mother’s Day.  I woke up to a lovely card and some edible treats.  Can I just say that pecan fudge doughnuts covered in rich dark chocolate are sooooooooo yummy!
Like seriously, my husband may have started me on a new addiction.  Earlier this week my Mother’s Day came in.  It was a Remmington S5500 Digital Flat Iron.  I was really overdue for a flat iron because I usually use the blow dryer flowed by a straightening comb, but my straightening comb has come to the end of the road.  So, I thought it was time to upgrade.  And the Mr has agreed to go shopping for new hair products with me!  Super excited about that because I’ve been seeing a boatload of stuff on YouTube that I want to try out at least once.
Anyways, as much as today is a day to be happy and celebrate our children, in Nigeria there are over 200 moms who are in mourning.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I know that we have all seen the #BringBackOurGirls campaigns.  It’s on social media, national news and even made my local news yesterday because we have several stores joining in to raise money for it.  On April 14th, a militant group kidnapped over 200 girls from a secondary school.  A few have escaped and returned home, but for those still missing, the leader of the militant group is threatening to sell the remaining girls on the Black Market.
I can’t tell you how sick to my stomach this whole issue makes me.  As a mother of a daughter, I can only imagine the pain those moms (and fathers) are going through right now.  I would be beyond distraught if someone kidnapped Moo and her classmates and then threatened to sell them as sex slaves.  It just brings tears to my eyes seeing how ruthless people can be.
And I’ve heard some news reports talk about this being a result of life in under developed areas in Nigeria, but here’s the thing, that’s still not a an excuse for this type of criminal behavior.  I’m so glad that the US is getting involved to help.  A message needs to be sent that this will not be tolerated!  No matter where you live, you have the right to feel safe.  Parents should be able to send their children to school without fear.
So, today my Mother’s Day wish is that all of those girls will be returned to their families alive in these coming months.  I also hope that the militant group behind this mass kidnapping is brought to justice and made to pay for their crimes.  I pray that God keeps those girls safe until they are returned to their families.  And I hope that you will join me in keeping these moms and their families in our thoughts and prayers. 

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  1. Happy belated mother's day. i am with you on this wish because God knows on Sunday at church we prayed for all the girls that are being victimized in the world. so sad!! but God is greater than all of this!!

  2. Happy Belated Mothers Day. The situation with our girls saddens me too. I pray for their safe return and healing from what is happening to them.

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