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Mommy Moo

So, I told you all last week that I would be updating you all on what’s been going on with the kiddies.  While I mention them on the blog from time to time, it’s been a minute since I’ve done a post all about Moo and JJ. It’s crazy because I remember writing about Moo all the time when I first started this blog.  I’m definitely going to do better because without them there would be no YUMMommy blog, brand or anything.
Anyways, I entitled this post Mommy Moo because Moo has turned into quite the mini mommy y’all.  Seriously, my little princess is going to make a kickass mommy one day.  For example, when the Mr isn’t occupying the playroom/man cave, the kids are in there watching their shows and playing with their toys.  We have a futon in there and JJ likes to climb on it of course.  
So, help discouraging him from climbing on I put in the toddler rocking chair and he’s suppose to sit in that.  Now, this little guy is smart.  As soon as he notices me taking my eye off him from the living room, he’ll hop out of the chair and try to climb back on the futon.  Well, Mommy Moo don’t play that.  She will make him climb off the futon, walk him back to the rocker and sit him in it ever so gently.
My Babies!
It is the sweetest thing to see.  If we’re going somewhere she’ll try to pick out his outfit.  She’s always been her brother’s biggest fan, but see how she nurtures him in the way that I do for them both melts my heart.  I think it’s every parents’ dream to see their good traits in their children.  And that’s what I’m in seeing in Moo. Her love for JJ is truly unconditional and I pray that she never looses her caring and compassionate nature.
I’m in the thick of making sure that she’s ready for school this fall.  Yes, I’m going to cry on her first day.  I’m not even going to act like I’m not that mom because I totally am.  JJ will probably cry to because he can’t stand for her to be out of his sight.  That’s another thing I’m going to miss.  It’s nice having someone else for him to be a shadow to during the daytime because I can get laundry washed, dinner thawed, emails typed and more.
She’s completely obsessed with all things princess.  Notice the crown in her birthday weekend pic above.  They both live for being outside.  JJ enjoys eating the leaves and chewing on the rocks.  Mommy wishes he wouldn’t do that because it gives her a heart attack but he could care less.  Needless, to say outdoor time is often kept to a minimum because I don’t want to have to hold him the whole time that defeats the purpose in taking them out.
JJ’s teeth are coming in back to back to back now.  It started with one front bottom tooth, then another front  tooth, to a top back tooth and currently a bottom back tooth.  It’s hard to believe that by summer they’ll be a full complete set of toddler chompers in his mouth.  He’s doing so well at using them because he knows to chew his food really well.
His new word is yeah.  He’ll just say it at the most random times and sometimes he makes a song out of it.  Last night he said chicken for the first time.  It came out as chick and ken like it was two words but I understood what he meant.  Moo was eating fish which he’s allergic to and he wanted some because he’s a chicken addict and well fish is a white meat like chicken.
It’s times like that when he’s doing all these firsts that I wish we had a tv crew to record us 24/7.  Not for tv of course.  It can get a bit crazy around here.   He’s trying to figure out how to open the frig.  Thank goodness it has tough seal on it otherwise he would be raiding it out.
The toilet is his new favorite toy.  He started off playing in it with his hands, then he went through the let’s see how much stuff I throw in there stage and now he’s addicted to flushing it and pulling on the handle.  I never went through this with Moo and can only remember my brother doing this out of all my younger siblings.  So, I’m guessing this is a boy thing.
Soon we’ll be potty training because he’s turning 2 in three months!  I probably won’t be able to bribe him to go into the bathroom then.  I’ve never potty trained a boy and have no clue where to start.  So, all mt veteran moms of boys leave me some tips in the comments. 
The Mr and I are currently disagreeing over whether and when he should get his first hair cut.  I love his curly fro and thinks he should just get it trimmed up from time to time at a kid’s salon.  His father thinks that he needs a fade at the barber shop.  I’ve already said that I’ll be beyond pissed if he takes JJ to get his hair cut off. 
Depending on a person’s face and head shape not every look or cut looks good.  And a low to the scalp fade is not for my baby.  He needs some hair.  I’m not asking for a full out fro but maybe a baby curly fro like Lloyd or Jim Jones is more suitable for him.  Either way, it’s not going down until next year after his 3rd birthday.
Beyond that I’ve just been trying to soak up every waking moment with my babies.  They’re both sick at the moment.  Not a common cold sick but vomiting, belly ache and cranky sick.  Moo had some bad fruit from Dole and I’m then my baby sister unknowingly passed on some cold germs to JJ from sharing her drink with him Sunday.  I just want everybody to feel better so that I can sleep at night again and not have to wash a load of towels and an extra load of clothes everyday.   Pray for us!
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