Mind Right Monday

I’ve been snuggled up with my boo aka the Mr today.  Plus, JJ is teething again.  So, that’s why I’m posting late today.  I’m proud of myself because I got just about everything accomplished on my list with the exceptions of like two things.  Looking forward to another productive week this week.
This week my goals are:
  1. Buy turkey and ham for Thanksgiving dinner
  2. Put up Christmas tree Saturday
  3. Unpack hidden Christmas gifts
  4. Pay late fee on library books
  5. Take kids to get their shots and do a check-up on Friday
  6. Continue working on blankets
  7. Work on manuscript
I am grateful for:
  • Spending the day with my husband and the kids
  • Being almost done with Thanksgiving shopping
  • Putting up Christmas decorations on the door and windows with Moo
  • Netflix and unlimited Diego
  • Being able to be a friend to my friends as they go through difficult times
  • Having found my discontinued yarn (but the price was ridiculous)

What are you putting on your goal list this week? Thanksgiving shopping?

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