Mind Right Monday

I’m so proud of myself. I did almost everything on my list except work on my manuscript. I didn’t get to add any new chapters to it but I did get to some brainstorming on it in my head though. Not sure if that really counts. Otherwise, though I got everything else done. It feels great to see so much crossed off my list! Here’s to hoping for an even more productive week this week!

My goals this week are:

  1. Work on manuscript
  2. Research more magazine layout software
  3. Wrap presents
  4. Read library books with Moo & JJ
  5. Put turkey on over night on Wednesday
  6. Get started on Hurricane Sandy charity project
  7. Perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe
  8. Spend quality time with Mr YUMMommy
  9. Get started on Christmas cards

I am grateful for:

  • Life, health and strength for me and my family
  • Good books
  • Surviving the turkey madness at the grocery store today
  • Being able to have Thanksgiving with the Mr
  • Netflix
  • Christmas decorations
  • Knowing right from wrong
  • Knowing my worth and not settling for less

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  1. Mama Hen

    November 20, 2012 at 3:04 am

    That is great! You should be proud of yourself! It is always so wonderful when we accomplish things we would like to. I have to get our turkey tomorrow. I am not looking forward to the turkey rush. Have a great night and a fun holiday!

    Mama Hen

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