Meet My SITS Tribe

Hi y’all!  These last few days I have been on Cloud 9 in terms of blogging.  Why?  Well, a while back, I signed up for the SITS Girls Tribe Building Challenge.  It’s challenge in which we would be paired with bloggers from our niche and over this week, we have different tasks to complete.  Each task is meant to help us unite as tribe (or sisterhood) as well as to help us grow our brands and blogs.  Wasn’t this idea genius?!
Well, I am loving my tribe to the fullest.  I’ve seen some other bloggers talking (and complaining) about their tribes and I feel blessed that I have a group of such lovely ladies.  Everyone has been nothing short of super supportive, organized and helpful.  We’ve already reached out to each other with blogging and social media questions.  I am definitely in agreement with SITS motto that “The Secret To Success Is Support.”

The whole SITS community in general is very supportive as I’ve blogged about in the past.  If you’re a blogger and you have no clue what SITS is or who the SITS Girls are, then feel free to check them out here.

Anyways, I thought that I would introduce you all to my awesome tribe.

When it comes to Coffee Jitters, all I can say is wow.  Reading a little of Judy’s back posts, I found out that she has been through so much since starting her blog ten years ago.  She’s battled stage 3 cancer, infertility, gotten married and is now continuing to adjust to life after cancer.  She’s already such a trooper and inspiration in my eyes.
You guys already know my personal connection with cancer and how it’s affected my family with the death of my paternal grandmother and having witnesses several family members successfully beat it.  I admire Judy’s strength to blog about that part of her life in such an honest and open way.  I’ve never had breast cancer myself, but those who have will always have a special place in my heart for simple fact that I am at a higher risk of getting it based on my family history.  Her Parenting Rite of Passage had me giggling a little bit and feeling a little better about some of the things Moo and JJ continue to get into.

Heather’s blog Raising Memories says it all.  A lot of times as parents we find ourselves just coasting or going through the motions without taking the time to enjoy the moments that make up our lives and the lives of our family members.  I love that her blog is so colorful and cheery!  If tutorials, recipes and crafting are your thing then this is definitely the blog for you!

I was super excited when I saw that Allison was in my tribe. I have been following her blog Twingle Mommy for a little over two years now.  She’s a Vegas girl turned Carolina blogger.  She’s also had a battle with infertility and talks openly about having a child with special needs. With JJ’s speech issues and sensory overload disorder, I find Heather’s posts about her son’s journey with Cerebral  Palsy and how they’re combating it inspiring.
Rereading her post about having to explain why twins go to different schools has made it easier for me to deal with the questions and silent judgement that I’ve experienced.  I’ve been asked by strangers and family members things like “Why doesn’t he talk” or “Do you know what caused ‘it’,” which is pretty much their way of asking if JJ’s issues are my fault.  Twingle Mommy is also a great place to find recipes and read product reviews.
I’m not even sure why haven’t come across Natalie’s blog, Cosmos Mariners, by now.  We have so much in common.  For example, we’re both Carolina natives, moms, wives, and we’re both Team Coca Cola (she adores Diet Coke).  Also, we both have a great love and appreciation for books, work (or in my case worked) in the education field and we both love to travel and we both started blogging in 2010.
I’m looking to really get to know Natalie through her blog.  Cosmos Mariners is a wonderful collection of personal posts sprinkled with posts on DIYs, how-tos and more.

Lauren is another blogger after my own heart.  Two Washingtons started out as a way for her to keep family updated on the happenings with her and her husband after they traded Washington, D.C for Washington state.  See what she did there with the title?  Cute right?!  Anyways, Lauren also has a love for books like me and she’s a mommy of two as well as a wife.
But more importantly she’s a Patriots fan!!  Woohoo!  I know I might be a Carolina girl, but I wasn’t in raised in a Carolina household.  My parents were obsessed with the Dallas Cowboys and still are. However, once I started getting into professional football in high school, I quickly took on the New England Patriots as my team and I’ve been rocking with them ever since.  Speaking of which, Tom and I need to have a little chit chat.
Anyways, I’m looking forward to having someone to cheer with and help me trash talk our Pat haters next season via Twitter and FB.

Jellibean Journals is like a destination blog.  No, seriously, Jelli and her family live in the beautiful Costa Rica!  I used to dream about going there when I was in grade school.  And reading Jelli’s blog these last few days and reawaken that desire to visit.  Being the foodie and cooking mama that I am, I’ve already scoped out some her recipe posts.
Also, I love that she’s into being eco-friendly!  Y’all know that I’m all for being Green!  And Jelli talks opening about her faith, something that I finally took the plunge to do last year with my Bible 365 Challenge.

Reading Jenn’s blog Coolest Family on the Block has me going back to check out my arts & crafts bucket list.  There is some serious craft envy going on over here.  What I love about her blog is that it’s fun and resourceful.  She’s blogging about crafting, family life as well as giving us tutorials like how to add FB pages to an interest list on your account.
I’m looking forward to trying out a few the fun activities that she has documented on her blog with Moo and JJ.

Omg, Mel lives in my dream state, New York!  Y’all have no idea how many bloggers from NY that follow just so that I can live through them a little bit.  Her blog name pretty much sums up the same way I feel about my life on most days.  As a mom and a wife and brand owner, there is always something going on, something going wrong, etc.
Anyways, I’m really glad that Mel is a part of our tribe.  Her blog has already proven to be very helpful.  Like me, she’s really focused on achieving her goals.  My favorite post so far is her Y3W: My Monthly Goals.  She’s linked to a few couple goal setting templates that I really like and will be using to keep me on track.  And did I mention, that she and her husband are expecting another bundle of joy soon?  Can’t wait to see what other resources Mel will share and to learn more about her and her family.

Rounding out my SITS Tribe is Emma from Outmumbered.  She got clever with her blog title too.  Did you catch it?  Listen, I’ve read my share of About Me/Us pages and Emma hands down has the cutest one!  Check it out here.  If you love photos, then this is the blog for you.  I love how her passion for being behind camera and capturing the special moments she shares with her family really shines through.  
I’m so jealous of her photography skills (and that she’s Irish!).  Like really, I need to get behind a camera more and capture more family moments.  And I am totally smitten with their dog Marcie!  Y’all know I’m a dog person and until we get the ok from JJ’s allergy specialist, we can’t have one.  So, once again I like to follow bloggers who have dogs as pets so that I can live through them.  Oh, if you ever want some ideas for your Elf on a Shelf check this elf mischief.

So, there you have it folks!  That is my Tribe in a nutshell.  I’ve only been interacting with these ladies a few days, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  We plan continuing to support each as a tribe long after this week long SITS challenge is over and for that I am grateful.  I’m looking forward to building not just a blogging relationship with these ladies, but true friendships!  Thanks SITS Girls for pairing me with such a wonderful group of ladies!!

Are you part of a SITS Tribe?  Do you feel like you’ve bonded with your tribe members already?

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  1. Jenn Rian

    January 23, 2014 at 1:11 am

    Yay! Thanks for giving us all such an awesome shout out, we really do have a great group 🙂

  2. Jelli B.

    January 23, 2014 at 1:21 am

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing about all our sites! You rock.

  3. Unknown

    January 23, 2014 at 1:21 am

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing about all our sites! You rock.

  4. Natalie

    January 23, 2014 at 2:10 am

    K. Elizabeth, this is an AWESOME post (and not just because I'm one of your tribe members!). Love the little synopsis of each members' blog–what a great introduction! 🙂

  5. Twingle Mommy

    January 23, 2014 at 7:10 pm

    I agree, we do have an awesome tribe!

  6. Casey

    January 23, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    I recently joined SITS but didn't see anything about joining a tribe! I'm so jealous, as this one seems like such a great group of positive women. I would love to join in, so tell me more! 🙂

  7. Storybook Apothecary

    January 24, 2014 at 1:14 am

    lovely post and so cool about SITS – never heard of it until now 😀

  8. Unknown

    January 24, 2014 at 1:14 am

    lovely post and so cool about SITS – never heard of it until now 😀

  9. Kita

    January 24, 2014 at 2:40 am

    Love it I have met a few of my tribes but some of them have not answered back so mines might not be as close nit I am beginning to start my own thing though I like when people can come together and gain strength.

  10. Kerri Waller

    January 26, 2014 at 12:54 am

    I've been on SITS a few times and read some blog posts. I need to look into this whole tribe thing! These are all really great blogs! It's so nice to have a connection with other bloggers!

  11. Unknown

    January 26, 2014 at 12:54 am

    I've been on SITS a few times and read some blog posts. I need to look into this whole tribe thing! These are all really great blogs! It's so nice to have a connection with other bloggers!

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