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Make Me Proud

We all like to feel to be shown some type of praise or hear that we’re doing a good job.  And this especially true when it comes to doing things that you’re passionate about.  For me, YUMMommy has been the one thing in my life that has been the most passionate for me because it was truly other blogs that kept me sane through my pregnancy and even afterwards.  I knew that I wanted to share my story with others and be of assistance in some way.
And I have to admit that there have been times, I felt like my blogging was in vain. However, today I heard four simple words that made my day.  I was talking with my older cousin aka my big brother when he said “I’m proud of you.”  If you all could have seen the smile that overtook my face.  He was proud of me for everything that I’m doing with YUMMommy!
Yea, I’ve had other family members say “Oh, that’s good you’re well with YUMMommy” but it’s just not the same as hearing that somebody is proud of you for going after a dream that you’ve had for a while.  For me those simple words were more rewarding than any free product or type of compensation that I’ve gotten in conjunction with YUMMommy.  This is a moment that will stay with me forever.  This is a moment I can look back on when I’m feeling discouraged or like I’m not being of help to another person out there and think “I can do this because I’m making somebody proud.  I’m making a difference.”
So, I say to all of you other bloggers out there that I follow, you have made me proud.  In some way, you all have helped me along this journey.  To my readers, I want to say that you make me proud for even just taking the time out of your day to read what I have to say.  I’m even more proud of those of you who have the courage to comment and give me your feedback.  You’re making a difference in my life as well.
So, let’s all continue to go forth and make each other proud!

4 thoughts on “Make Me Proud

  1. yay! What a sweet comment from your bro! Always nice to be validated especially when it comes to your dream!

  2. yay! What a sweet comment from your bro! Always nice to be validated especially when it comes to your dream!

  3. @Nellie-Validation is such a wonderful thing!

  4. @Nellie-Validation is such a wonderful thing!

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