Lazy Saturday

Today was a lazy Saturday.  I didn’t answer any business emails or take any calls.  I’ve been feeling like I’m burning the candles at both ends lately.  And that just can’t happen.  So, I took some time to just focus on relaxing and enjoying time with the kids.

We enjoyed some time at the library.  The kids got some cool Thanksgiving books.  Moo’s favorite is Nate the Great Talks Turkey.  I picked up a few books too.  I’m trying to diversify my reading list.  And I was pleasantly surprised that the book above is actually turning out to be pretty interesting.  I’ve already submitted a request for books one and three.

And I also took time out to make biscuits from scratch for both breakfast and dinner.  The Mr was very impressed because I don’t often make scratch biscuits.  Plus, I think the few times I have made them he’s always been at work or I was out of town at my mom’s.  I think this is going to be something I do on a weekly basis.

I feel a little recharged.  Let’s hope this feeling lasts until Monday because that’s Turkey and Ham Shopping Day!

Tried out the heart shaped cutter from my CCLP conference goodie bag.

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