iPhone on the Brain

I have to admit that I do spend a great deal of time of my cell phone.  I’m texting to keep up to date with my girlfriends from college, sending emails when I’m away from the house and adding events to my calendar.  And if that isn’t enough, my phone currently serves as my personal digital camera.  While, I do love my phone for the most part, the one thing that really annoys me is all the unwanted apps that are on it.
Seriously, this phone would be perfect but there are apps on there that I don’t and have no interest in using but can’t be removed.  And this sucks big time because it’s eating up my phone memory and prohibiting me from being able to download apps that I really want and will use.  So, I’ve been thinking that it might be time to switch over to an iPhone.  It seems to be getting some good reviews.
I just a phone that will allow me to choose what I do and don’t want  on it.  Too much good money is paid on cell phones themselves and cell phone bills to not be able to have the option of choosing something so simple as what apps I want on my phone.  So, I’m going to search buy iPhone4 San Francisco ( heard the West coast has some good deals) or something along those lines to see what kind of prices I can find. 
Do you have an iPhone?
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