Interior Decorating

 Growing up we didn’t have a lot. However, that didn’t stop my mom from making sure our house looked good. I was amazed at her sense of style.  I admired the fact that she undertook the task of really putting an effort into interior decorating on top of raising five children and working two (sometimes three) jobs.
And even more amazing was the fact that she spent little or no money for everything she did!  She would get home decorating magazines from the public library or buy them when they were on sale.  Then she would sit down go through each and rip out pages of things she liked. It could be a wall color from one magazine and a table from another. 
She’d rip and clip pictures and piece together looks for each room.  She was creating her own idea book.  I remember her taking that idea book and going to flea markets, thrift stores and home improvement stores looking for pieces that we were similar to those in her idea book.  I have to admit that she was the master at curbside finds.
For me that passion for interior decorating comes from my mom.  And now that we’re house hunting, I’ve found myself creating idea books for how I want each room to look in our new home.  I’ve even been able to style our current rental using curbside and Internet finds and freebies.  You’d be amazed at what a little sand paper, spray paint and new hardware can do for furniture.
Are you wanting to remodel or redecorate?  Could the kitchen use a little sprucing up?  Don’t be afraid. Put together your idea book and go from there.
Have you ever tried your hand at interior decorating?  Did you create an idea book?


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