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I'm A Keeper

“Rejection comes in one flavor and it ain’t sweet.  When you understand that someone out there wants what you have, you understand your position of being a KEEPER.  Keep looking, keep asking, keep the faith and focus on being a the KEEPER of the vision even when you are given a bitter taste of Rejection.  Some how. Some will.  Some won’t. So what?  Someone’s waiting for YOUR something.”

When I saw these words, I knew they were for me. You see I’ve been dealing with rejection my entire life it seems.  Then again that’s nothing out of the ordinary because we all have to deal with rejection on a daily basis.  However, the rejections of my life did make me like I wasn’t a keeper.
My familiarity with rejection dates back to my childhood. I can’t even begin to take about how watching my parents’ marriage fall apart and my father choosing not to be an active part of our lives has had a huge impact on my not feeling a like keeper. They say that time heals all wounds, but I think that some wounds can’t be healed.  You get either good at hiding them or you learn how to successfully manage them.
Even with starting this blog, I’ve had to deal with rejection.  From comments from readers to rejection emails from brands who didn’t think YUMMommy was a good fit to help represent their brand.  But you know what?  I’ve made up my mind that contrary to what Beyonce says, I am irreplaceable!  You are irreplaceable!
No, not everyone is going to see you that way, but like Lucinda says, we have to KEEP our vision.  We have KEEP our eyes on the prize.  So, no matter what your dream or what your situation is, don’t be discouraged.  You’re not going to fit into every crowd or every circle.  And that’s ok.  Create circle and support system you need.
Being a KEEPER means getting outside of your comfort zone.  It means keeping your head up and not taking every rejection personal.  Most importantly it means being able to dust yourself off, get back up and keep moving forward.
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