I Got That Fire

According to the lovely Amber from The Yeyo Diaries, YUMMommy got that fire yall!!  She has graciously given me the ‘Blog on Fire’ Award.

I’m so honored to have received this award from one my blogger peers.  It says a lot when your peers choose you out of all the other blogs they follow and read.  
Anyways, part of being accepting this award requires that I share seven things about myself.  So, in no particular order here they are…
~I’ve worn glasses for twenty-three years. Yes, that’s longer than some people have been married.  
~I recently co-authored a book with a group of awesome ladies!  More about that one coming soon. Stay tuned.
~I’m not a morning person.  Seriously, I’m not.
~I’ve never traveled outside of the US.  Sad, but true.  That’s on my list of things to change though.
~I’m addicted to gummy bears, Twizzlers, Slim Jims, cookie dough ice cream and Mike & Ikes.  Like for real, I’ve eaten over a pound of Twizzlers in one setting before and can do some major damage on a half gallon of cookie dough ice cream.
~I love to cook.  You all will see more of this in 2012 on here as I share recipes.
~My favorite animals are horses. I want to own at least one before I die.
Well, enough about me.  I’m now going to pass this lovely award on to some ladies that I think are pretty awesome.

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