Holiday Greetings By Shutterfly

Yay, December is finally upon us!  And what time is it?  Holiday greetings time!!  Besides all the birthday celebrations that will be going this month, this is one of the things I look forward to the most during December.
And I have to admit that I’ve completely fallen in love with Shutterfly.  My Valentine’s Day cards were a huge hit this past February.  I was very impressed with the design and quality of the cards I ordered.  So of course, it only makes sense that I would go back to them and check out their amazing selection of Christmas cards.
Sending out Christmas Cards has been a holiday tradition for me since I was about 10.  I would always ask me mom to get a box of cards.  Then I would have her sign the insides. (Her handwriting is so beautiful!!) Next, I would sit down with her address book, a roll of stamps, address labels and address each card to a family member or close family friend.
Something about sending a little holiday cheer to the people closest and dearest to our hearts just made me good.  Nothing’s changed today either.  If anything, I especially like reaching out to my loved one’s who I know are having a difficult time during this part of the year.  And I’m really looking forward to sending out cards again this year.  Here are my top five Christmas card design picks from Shutterfly:
Heart to Heart

Classically Yours

Snowman Greetings

Wrapped Ribbon

Picture Tree

And while I was over there, I also spied this cute little invitation for JJ’s first birthday party coming up next year.  You all know that I like to stay a few steps ahead in the planning process with kids.
Hear Me Roar

So, which Christmas card design should I choose? What do you think about the invitation?

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