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Hello 2012

Can’t believe that this is my first post of 2012!  Wow, a new year is officially upon us.  I feel so blessed to be alive and well in 2012 and to have celebrated with my family.
So, how did we ring in the New Year?  Of course, I had to watch New Year’s Rockin Eve with Ryan, Jenny and Fergie.  My favorite performances were Pitbull and One Republic.  Contrary to what Jenny McCarthy said, Pitbull killed both of his performances.  
I mean am I the only one who thought she was sipping on some bitter juice halfway through the show?  I don’t know but it started to seem like her happiness was forced after they came back from that second commercial break.  And Fergie’s blue sparkle mini was so stiff as nails. I don’t think she could have sat in that thing. But I loved her makeup.  She always goes for a fresh or natural glam look.
I didn’t get to see the ball drop because the Mr thought it would be a good idea to head Uptown and see the fireworks.  Only one problem though.  The Queen City did not do fireworks this year!! BOOOOOO!!!  What kind of crap was that huh?!! 
Disappointed we headed to McDonald’s to get a little pick me up snack.  And on the way there we passed by an apartment complex and some of the residents were shooting their own fireworks. Score!!  We got to see some after all.
Then we headed back home and watched movies on Netflix until I passed out around 4 AM.  Yea, I’m paying for that now because the kids seemed to have not been affected by staying up so late but I’m seriously dragging.  Still I’m thankful for how my New Year’s ring in turned out. I was with the three people I love the most and that’s more than some people had.
2012 is going to be a GREAT year!
How did you ring in the New Year?
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