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I’ve always been a fan of Hillsong’s music ministry and have been looking forward to Wonder, their new album since their last album, Of Dirt And Grace, dropped.  As a teenager and even into my young adult years, “Shout To The Lord” became my anthem of sorts as I struggled to deal with my father’s decision to reject his family.  There were so many emotions warring inside of me as a young woman whose heart had been broken time and time again by the most important man in my life.

A while back, I heard Hillsong United’s song, “Oceans (Where My Feet May Fail)” on one of our local Christian/inspirational radio stations and honestly, I struggle to find the words to adequately explain what that song does to me.  I quickly dubbed it my surrender song.  Whenever I listen to it, no matter what I’m feeling or what I’m thinking, everything gets completely surrendered for those 8 minutes and I’m moved to tears.  (I prefer the live version, the radio version is less than 8 minutes.)

Being that I’ve pretty much loved and connected with almost every song I’ve heard from Hillsong and Hillsong United, I didn’t expect Wonder to be any different.  And I was right.  From start to finish, it’s beautiful album that reminds us of why we as believers should be in a constant state of wonder when it comes to God.  Keep reading to find out what my initial reaction to each song was, my favorite lyrics and how you can win a copy of Wonder for yourself.

My First Impressions

Before I get into my first impressions of the songs, can I want to point out that the lyrics to each song are written inside the album booklet.  This is a plus in my book because it helps you to sing along with each song and you don’t have to chance getting the wrong lyrics from one of those music lyrics websites.  Also, in the booklet the group shares a prayer, what inspired the songs from the album and what they hope listeners will takeaway from Wonder.


Right away, I loved how the beat faded in as mid tempo and then after the first verse, it switches to an upbeat tempo.  The drums and guitars on this song make me wish I knew how to play both instruments.  “Wonder” a song made to remind us that God wants us to see the positivity, hope and light in this world we live in.  Even with all the not so positive things going on around us, this song reminds us that we have to continue to see the wonders of God’s hand and to “count everything as joy” (James 1:2).

It also reminds us to “walk in the light” because after all, we should be letting our lights shine and uniting with fellow believers to fellowship, uplift and do God’s work wherever we are.  This song is very catchy and is one that has been repeat.  Get prepared to bob your head, sway and snap along.

Shadow Step

The piano and violin at the beginning of this song almost give me that “Oceans” vibe as this song starts at slow tempo.  Then, you can hear as the kick drum builds the beat up to mid tempo and that’s kind where the beats rides until the verse before the end where it dips back down to slow tempo before finishing off on a strong mid tempo.  “Shadow Step” definitely has a strong country feel with a hind of rock n’ roll sprinkled in here and there.  I could probably listen to just the instrumental version of this song for hours.

“Shadow Step” is reminder that God cannot be boxed in.  We have to be ready for the unexpected and to move when He calls us.  The lyrics above speak to me because it’s a reminder that God sacrificed His only son, His only child, for us.  And He did it because of His love of for us.  How of us would do the same?

Future Marches In

If you’re going through a rough spot or difficult test, the lyrics of this song will definitely inspire you to push through because brighter days are ahead.  This song also reminds us to that if we can, we should use our voices to speak out, spread love and to give God all the praise.  “Future Marches In” gives me total Coldplay vibes and I LOVE it.  I’m not sure what would need to happen to see a remix with Coldplay come to be, but I’m going to pray about it.  This is one of my favorite songs.

It has a great dance beat that just makes you want to rock out and jump around.  I can’t listen to song if I need to focus because I find myself just needing to move or close my eyes and zone out.  Definitely one of my favorites as well from this album.

So Will I (100 Billion X)

“So Will I” is another song that has a Coldplay vibe to it.  When the vocals first came in on this song, I was like “Wait, is this Chris Martin?”  Again, I’m putting it out there that we get a Coldplay remix of this song as well because it would be everything!  With it’s slow tempo and the instrumentation of the drums, guitar and piano, this song is so soothing and mesmerizing.  It another one that invites to just close your eyes and really listen to the lyrics.

This is probably my second most favorite song on the album.  It’s a reaffirms to us that God has us and that His creation of us wasn’t in vain or accidental.  Whatever His word says He will do for His children, He holds tight to that word and makes good on His promise.  Whatever God says will always come to pass because He is the God of creation, the Almighty, who has command over everything.

Splinters And Stones

Now listening to song did make me cry.  It took me back to a period in my life where I was broken.  I felt like I had failed God so badly.  I couldn’t see how He’d ever forgive me or still love me after I’d pretty much turned my back on Him.  Well, I can tell you now, He’s definitely a forgiving God and I know even when I was in one of my darkest and most disappointing moments in my life He was there waiting for me to listen and to allow Him to carry me back to the right path.

Hands down my most favorite song on Wonder.  If you’re feeling low, discouraged or like you’ve disappointed God to no end, this is the song for you.  Lock yourself in a quiet space and just let the lyrics of this song wash over you and remind that He’s still there.  He’s waiting.

Glimmer In The Dust

“Glimmer In The Dust” has a slow country vibe.  Everyone has struggled with feeling like they belong at some point or another in their lives.   We’ve all gotten caught up trying to chase down a place where we can feel accepted and loved as we are.  This song reminds us that God’s love never fails and that when we surrender to His love and wonder, we will truly have found the glimmer in the dust that we’ve been chasing the entire time.

Greatest Of These

For some reason, Hillsong United’s lyric “If I don’t have love” remind of me of the late Whitney Houston’s “If I don’t have you” lyric from her hit “I Have Nothing.”  And honestly, if you listen to both songs, the message is pretty much the same.  The difference is that Whitney was talking about a man and Hillsong United is talking about God and His greatest commandment that we should love others as ourselves.

The last verse is my favorite because I think it pretty much sums  up how we should carry ourselves at all times.  And Christian or not, I think if we all did these things, we’d see great improvement in the on-goings our world.  So if you’re looking a new manifesto, goals or affirmation, let this one be it.

Shape Of Your Heart

The autotune and overall beat give “Shape Of Your Heart” a pop/r&b inspired vibe.  It’s definitely roadtrip music worthy.  You’ll have it on repeat for a while.  It’s an addictive listen with a beautiful message, but simple message:  Jesus covered us when he paid the ultimate price for our sins as he hung on the cross.

His love and blood covers us.  His love is a light that is ever present and that should be wild through our veins.  If ever I get the chance to attend a Christian karaoke night, this is the song I’m singing!

Not Today

Lyrically, this is the Christian equivalent of “Nobody Can Drag Me Down” and I’m here for it!  I love pop music vibes and just the overall message of letting the devil and your enemies know that you’re not entertaining their foolishness today (or any other day for that matter).  Life is too short and God is simply too good to do otherwise.

I think “Not Today” is going to be a crowd/fan favorite for concerts and radio play.  It just gets you pumped and ready to block out the haters including the biggest of them all- Satan.


I love that “Life” has an almost hypnotic beat to it that ebbs and flows throughout the song.  I love the harmonizing of the vocals and the overall vocal styling of this track.  It’s another one that’s been on repeat.


Can I just say that I love the mass choir feel from the vocals at the end of this song!  This is a song that I could see being sung during worship time at my church.  It has a great beat and the tempo is right in the pocket.  It’s not too slow, but it’s not fast either.  It has great drums and a bit of bass guitar in the beginning.

Water To Wine

One of Jesus’ most talked about wonders/miracles is of course when he turned water into wine while he was at a wedding reception.  The same way he was able to turn water into wine, when we give our life to him and stay focused on the word, Jesus transforms us and our souls.

Overall, I think Hillsong United knocked it out of the park with this new albums.  From start to finish Wonder is a very enjoyable and great body of work.  There are so many great songs on this album and a little something for us all no matter where we are in our walk with Christ.  I highly recommend this album!!  It will remind you why you fell in wonder with God and why you should continue to be in wonder of Him and Jesus for the rest of your days.

Use the widget below to enter to win a copy of Wonder.  A big thank you to Capitol Christian Music Group for sponsoring this giveaway and allowing me to share one of my all time favorite Christian and inspirational music groups with my readers.  Don’t forget to follow Hillsong United on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to day up to date on new music releases, tour dates and more. 
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