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Dr. Scholl’s® DreamWalk™ Or DreamNot?

Disclosure: I am a BzzAgent and received the product below to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
I have been a fan of the Dr. Scholl’s® brand for years.  Definitely at least for a decade now.   I’ve purchased several of their shoe insoles as well as their shoes.  Therefore, when I had the opportunity to try out their DreamWalk™ High Heel Insoles, I didn’t twice about accepting the offer.  As stated in this post, my only complaint about Dr. Scholl’s® was that their shoes didn’t seem to last long enough for my liking.  

Now the Dr. Scholl’s® DreamWalk™ High Heel Insoles are suppose to :

  • Prevent pain from high heels 2″ or higher
  • Shift pressure off the balls of your feet with its ultra-soft gel arch
  • Offer immediate and long-lasting comfort
  • Be practically invisible
  • Not make shoes feel tight
  • Stay firmly in place and remove easy without shoe damage
  • Keep feet dry with wicking fabric

So, I decided to pull out my favorite pair of black scrappy high heel sandals from Nine West a week or two ago and try these babies out.  I love shoes from Nine West, but they are always incredibly uncomfortable.  We were headed out the movies and I knew the sandals would be great paired with my skinny jeans and long top.
Let me just say that I didn’t have any issues with the insoles showing through, they did stay in place once I put the shoes on, they kept my feet dry and I was able to remove them without any damage to my sandals at the end of the night.  However, wasn’t able to do until the end of the night was keep my shoes on!  As much as I like Dr. Scholl’s®, I am not a fan of the DreamWalk™ insoles.  They did not shift the pressure from the balls of my feet, give me any comfort and they definitely didn’t prevent any foot pain.
When I first put my sandals on after inserting the insoles, they felt a little uncomfortable.  I decided that I would adjust the shoes once I got the car since we in a hurry to make it to the movies on time.  I checked the insoles to make sure had the right insole in the right shoe and I did.  I adjusted the straps on my sandals and still they felt uncomfortable.
Shifting the insoles up and down in the shoes didn’t help either.  By the end of the night, after a movie and walking around at a store, I was ready to throw my Nine Wests and DreamWalk™ insoles in the trash.  Yes, my feet hurt just that bad.  To me, the problem was the gel used in these insoles was a little on the hard or too firm side for me.  I would have preferred more of a memory foam type insole as they conform to your foot’s natural arch while cushioning. 

I would not recommend these insoles based on my experience.  Sorry Dr. Scholl’s® these DreamWalk™ High Heel Insoles did not tame my shoe.  I hope these were just a bad batch because I’ve seen a few people really give glowing reviews about their pair.  However, I’m not sure if I want to even risk another bad experience buying a new pair to find out.

What are the most uncomfortable pair of shoes that you own?

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  1. I tried to wear heels a few weeks ago after not wearing them in ages… I think I've forgotten how to do it! My feet were killing me after about 15 minutes. Good to know not to invest in these insoles.

  2. I tried to wear heels a few weeks ago after not wearing them in ages… I think I've forgotten how to do it! My feet were killing me after about 15 minutes. Good to know not to invest in these insoles.

  3. I always wonder if insoles are going to ruin my shoes, so it's good that these didn't. Sorry you didn't like them though, I wonder if it may depend on how long people are on their feet, but should hold up to any condition.

  4. I wish I could wear heels more. I feel funny wearing them now, since I honestly have no where to go in them….
    I do wear wedges more… I need to step things up over here.

  5. Totally good to know. I have foot issues as it is. Glad to know not to even attempt them!

  6. I have flat feet and for me practically any insert will help. I am still curious for myself if these will work at all. You have me thinking that's for sure.

  7. I can't wear high heels in any way shape or form… and I honestly don't think ANY form of foam or otherwise would solve the foot issues I have or the fact that high heels are generally uncomfortable? Seems like an impossible claim in the first place? I guess I need to see people who DO swear by something like this? ALSO.. love that you gave a fair and clear review on the product even though you cannot endorse it. 🙂 Appreciate your honesty in a HUGE way!

  8. Good to know! I'm more of a flip flop or Toms girl, but there are occasions when I have to wear heels. I'm always looking for ways to make them more comfortable. It stinks these didn't work. Thanks for the honest review!

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