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Deuces Sandy

These last few days have been rough to say the least here on the East Coast from the Carolinas and all the way up to Maine thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  This storm was large (she spanned a 1,000 feet) that people dubbed her Frankenstorm before she even made land!  Thankfully, we were spared the worst being snugged between the mountains and the coast.  Our biggest worry has been all the heavy winds knocking over trees and downing power lines and a threat of snow or freezing rain.
Last night there was a little wet snow but it wasn’t sticking and was turning into a rain drizzle before it even made it to the ground.  And due to our previous bad storms, I think our city pretty much made sure that any old or dangerous trees next to power lines where either cut down completely or trimmed back.  Our neighbors in the mountains have been getting lots of snow and had power outages.  And the Carolina coast took a quite a beating in the Kitty Hawk and Outer Banks areas.
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My heart really goes out those further north in New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maine.  Seeing how badly flooded out their outward towns and cities got broke my heart.  A lot of people were still in the process of rebuilding after Hurricane Irene and let’s not forget those twisters we had.   Then seeing those nurses and doctors having to evaluate the hospital in New York had my eyes filled with tears as they showed video of medical staff carrying babies out to ambulances.
I felt like such a nervous wreck because many of my bloggers friends hadn’t and weren’t able to evaluate and I was a tweeting and Facebooking fool trying to see if they were ok.  Even more nerve wrecking was the fact that I have tons of family in DC, New York and New Jersey.  I had heard from a few and they assured me that everyone had gathered further inland to wait Sandy out and would be ok.  However, I still stayed up until well past midnight thinking about them.  
These colder months are absolutely horrible for severe storms like this (not that there is a good time per say.)  Not only do have to battle the storm itself but then with so many without power, that means a lot of families are freezing and struggling to stay warm.  Not every one has a fireplace or kerosene heater.  I can’t say how happy and thankful I am that we can chuck up these deuces to Sandy.
Now, the real work of rebuilding once again starts for so many.  I hope that you will join me in keeping those affected in your prayers and thoughts.  Tweet and Facebook them words of encouragement and kindness.  Donate to charities if you can.  And if you have power, make sure your neighbors who don’t have blankets to keep warm and take them clean water and food is possible.
Regardless, of how badly your area was hit, please know that we are all in this together!

6 thoughts on “Deuces Sandy

  1. Thank God you guys were spared the worst! My heart goes out to everyone affected by this ugly storm. I am from the East Coast so my family is in PA, NY, CT, NJ, VA & DE. I was praying all night and in constant communication with them via text. Thankfully everyone is well.

  2. I'm glad you guys are OK. My family is on the East Coast and I am so glad they're all alright. I also loved the title of this post too, “Deuces Sandy”, LOL!

  3. What a mess. My family is going through a lot. But nothing compared to some of the stories and pictures I have seen. I have to go back there next weekend. (if I can) I am afraid of what I will see in my hometown.

  4. I'm glad y'all are ok. Are your families in the areas hit ok?

  5. I'm glad y'all are ok. Are your families in the areas hit ok?

  6. I'm glad y'all are ok. Are your families in the areas hit ok?

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