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Magazine Madness

I’m going nuts over trying to decide if I should take a leap and start an online magazine.  It’s something that I’ve been thinking about since before I found out…

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Sleep Fighters

This is my second night doing a late night post.  Why?  Well, it seems like my kids have turned into sleep fighters lately.  For example, tonight I started getting JJ…

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Thankful Thursday

As of late, I’ve been feeling very blessed.  I’m not trying to brag because it has nothing to do with material things.  I’ve just been feeling blessed on an emotional…

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Meltdowns At Storytime

We made it to storytime ON time today!  Yay!!  We were actually early for a change.  No sleeping in this morning.  We were up, getting dressed, eating breakfast and out…

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Growing Like A Weed

Source Yesterday, JJ turned 14 months and Moo is almost to her 4th birthday!  My oh my where has the time gone?  My little babies (toddlers) are growing like weeds…

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