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If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you know that I am a breastfeeding mom.  However, when I first started off breastfeeding I have to admit that I did consider supplementing formula after a rough night in the hospital.  I recall it like it was yesterday.  It was my last night in the hospital.  My husband had gone home because we were in the transition of moving and he wanted to make sure the nursery was absolutely perfect for when we got home.

It was going to be the first full night that Moo roomed in with me.  The previous two days one of the nurses would come and get her half way through the night to allow me time to bathe and enjoy my dinner in peace.  I had the best hospital help ever!!  Anyways, earlier that day the nurse had come in and they had informed me that Moo had dropped some weight.  Nothing serious.   They said it was probably because my milk was still coming in or we were both still getting adjusted to the whole breastfeeding situation.

I felt horrible.  I hadn’t been a mom for three full days yet and already I was letting my daughter starve.  Throughout that day I noticed that she was fussy but she quickly settled down when I wheeled her around the room in her little crib.  But that night it got down right ugly in there.  The fussiness from that afternoon turned into full on wailing.

I couldn’t take it.  I thought surely she must be starved.  What did I do?  I gave her a bottle of formula!!  *Gasp!*  Yes, you read right.  I gave her a bottle of formula because no matter how set on breastfeeding I was, nothing was more important than my daughter’s health and contentment.  I didn’t want her starving because I wanted to be selfish and feel accomplished.

Of course, it was that same night that I found out she was intolerant of cow’s milk too.  But thank goodness I wasn’t so against formula because I had gotten some formula samples in the mail and from my OB.  And guess what I had a packet of Bright Beginnings soy-based formula on hand.  My mom came by and helped with my latch on technique.  However, I still made the pitcher of Bright Beginnings soy formula just in case.

Luckily, we only needed a half bottle and finally got into our own groove with breastfeeding.  But I found comfort in knowing that if I needed a back up, I had somewhere I could turn to.  Pregnancy and motherhood aren’t perfect and things don’t always go as planned.  So, that’s why you need a Plan B, a Plan C and maybe a Plan D.  I encourage any mom to not close out the idea of using formula if it’s in the beat interest of your child.

And since Bright Beginnings was my back up, it’s only natural that they be my formula recommendation should you need them.  You can find Bright Beginnings on They sell both the milk-based and soy-based formulas.  For more info on all the nutritional value or to purchase yourself an emergency can you visit or  buy on  And don’t forget to check out Bright Beginnings on Facebook.

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