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Bible 365: Week 13

I’m sure that by now many of you are wondering if you are experiencing deja vu.  1 Chronicles and 2 Chronicles “present the same story line as First and Second Kings but from a different perspective and by a different storyteller.”  So, we’re pretty getting a different point of view about the reign of Kind David and King Solomon.  Remember, there’s always more than one side to every story!  Here are a few of the verses that stuck out to me in Week 13.
“Do not touch My anointed ones and do My prophets no harm, ” reads 1 Chronicles 16:22.   I’ve heard this verse a million times.  I like it for the simple fact that it helps me to be mindful of how I treat people.  (Kinda like the ‘Golden Rule.”)  In today’s society not every minister, anointed one or prophet wears a special collar, robe or name tag identifying themselves as such.  And while we should treat all with love and respect, we often times don’t.  But when you do wrong or evil to God’s ‘chosen’ people, He is especially not pleased.
You never know if that person you flipped the bird for accidentally cutting you off on the highway a minister or what.  Therefore, strive to treat all people with respect and kindness as you go throughout your day.  Also, in 1 Chronicles 16, David points out what God has been trying to get through to the Israelites since He freed them from the Egyptians.  Verse 25 says, “For the Lord is great and greatly to be praised; He is also to be feared above all gods.”
The Israelites just couldn’t grasp this concept for some reason.  No matter how many signs and miracles God showed them, they always doubted His greatness.  Despite showing them the consequences of their serving idols and disobeying His commands, they didn’t fully fear Him.  Instead, they chose to fear each other and their gods made of gold or silver that they could see with their eyes.  And I get why.
I know people argue that Christians are crazy for believing in a God we can’t see and for really thinking He performed acts like parting the Red Sea or making food appear out of thin air.  But what’s the difference from putting your faith in a man made god of gold or silver if you really think about it?  If I drop it or hit hard enough, I can break it.  Thus, I could never see myself as an idol worshiper because in my eyes I’d always be more powerful.  However, with God because I can’t see Him there’s always an added pressure to follow His commands because He could be watching (and is watching).
We see on the news everyday what happens when people don’t fear God.  They disobey His commandments-killing, stealing and committing fraud.  Others are cheating on their spouses, engaging in acts of lust at the strip clubs and giving in to greed.  I am by no means perfect or sinless but my fear of God and appreciation of His greatness keeps me striving to cleanse myself of the bad habits that I do have.
And I know many of us believe that Jesus was the only son of God, but 1 Chronicles 28:6 claims, “It is your son Solomon who shall build My house and My courts; for I have chosen him to be My son, and I will be his Father.”  I don’t recall having read too many scriptures in the Bible where God specifically says that somebody is His son.  Yes, we are all His children, but Solomon was called by name to be God’s son and that was a great honor to have.
Honestly, I think that as a son, Solomon would have been pretty close being perfect if he hadn’t let his wives lead him astray as we read about in Kings.  God gave him the wisdom and knowledge to judge and rule over the Israelites (2 Chronicles 1:1-12).  However, it seems that Solomon’s shortfall was being unable to apply that wisdom and knowledge to himself.
I’m sure we all know people like King Solomon.  They’re great at giving other’s advice that helps others improve, but can’t seem to live by their own advice better their own lives.
What keeps you anchored in your walk with God?

Week 14 Readings
4/1:   2 Chronicles 15-17
4/2:  2 Chronicles 18-21
4/3:  2 Chronicles 22-24
4/4:  2 Chronicles 25-28
4/5:  2 Chronicles 29-32
4/6:  2 Chronicles 33-34
4/7:  2 Chronicles 35-36
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