Because of You

Three years and nine months ago, my life was kind of a mess.  I wasn’t entirely happy with the person I had let myself become.  To say that I felt lost and unloved would be an understatement. 
But then almost $20 and few double pink lines helped me to turn my life around.  Moo, you saved my life!  You gave me a reason to rediscover the better person I knew I could and wanted to be.  It’s because of you that I’ve learned how to appreciate the simple joys and treasures of life again.
It’s because of you that I didn’t give up.  It’s because of you that I’ve become somewhat of a morning person now. (I’m getting better.)  Thanks to you, I spend a little bit more time at the park and get a little bit more exercise.  
It’s because of you that I’m finally going hard after my dreams.  
Words can’t and could never fully describe the love and thankfulness I have for you.  But always remember that each day I get better and better is because of 
Happy Birthday!!
I love you!

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