Almost 4

My little lady is almost 4!  I can’t even believe it because it doesn’t seem like that much time has gone by.  But is has and so we’re in the thick of birthday party planning.  4 is one of those big birthdays and this year I wanted to give her a nice party that included more than just family.  I also wanted to get some decor elements that would make it even more special for my Moo.
So, when contacted me about an opportunity to work with them again, I knew it was a gift from the man upstairs!  I had already been looking at some banners and getting Moo’s input on the designs.  It’s her birthday after all.  Anyways, we started browsing through some of the pre-made templates.  They have a blank template feature available for too if you want something 100% unique.
They have a great variety to choose from!
Then Moo finally saw a template she liked.  She loved it actually and refused to consider any others.  So, we selected it to get started on customizing it for her party.
You can customize the font, wording and background color
Once we had all the colors to her liking and the wording to my liking, we added it to our cart and checked out.  Yep, it was just that simple.  The banner editor widget is pretty straight forward and you don’t have to be a technology genius or anything to use it.  Anyways, here’s a sneak peak at the finished product. 
I got her real name printed on the banner. So, of course I had to blur that out.
We’re very pleased with how the banner turned out and can’t wait to debut it at her upcoming birthday party!  I highly recommend that if you’re thinking about adding elements to take a birthday, anniversary or any event up a notch that you check and consider ordering one of their custom banners.  The quality and selection are great.  Plus, delivery doesn’t take a million years either!
Have you ever used a customized birthday or event banner?

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  1. Monica J @ Sofamilyonline

    November 4, 2012 at 4:27 am

    I like the banner idea for any kind of celebration. It seems really easy to create. And it looks great once delivered. Nice! I think I just may have to try Thanks for sharing.

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