Adventures With Toopy and Binoo

Disclosure: I received Toopy and Binoo products in exchange for a post about the show.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Moo and JJ absolutely enjoy watching cartoons.  So, when I asked if we would be interested in checking out the Toopy and Binoo cartoon, I said sure.  And after almost two weeks of watching Toopy and Binoo, I’m glad we did check them out.  In today’s society so many children’s shows are becoming more and more grown up.  It’s been refreshing to not have to screen every episode.

Now for those who aren’t familiar with Toopy and Binoo, it is an animated tv series from Canada that takes kids on the fun adventures of a tall and funny mouse, Toopy, and his adorable best, Binoo, who is a white cat.  I know a cat and a mouse being friends seems strange but I like this unlikely twist.  This series is designed for toddlers and preschoolers ages 2 to 6, but I can see kids up to age 8 enjoying this as well.
I like that Toopy and Binoo help to teach kids about imaginative play, the value of being a good friend, and using manners.  It’s been proven that kids learn better when they are having fun be it through play or watching cartoons.  I like that Toopy and Binoo is a show we can enjoy no matter where we are because it is now available for US audiences exclusively the Toopy and Binoo TV YouTube channel.  We can watch it at home on our TV since it has YouTube on it, the iPad, the computer or a smart phone if we are on the go.
The Toopy and Binoo TV YouTube channel has over 100 episodes to choose from.  Each episode is roughly five minutes long which is perfect for younger children since they often get bored easily. And what I like most is that Toopy and Binoo remind me of Moo and JJ.


Moo is more of a Toopy because she’s super friendly,  full of humor, outgoing and very talkative.   Then there’s JJ who is quiet, more cautious (sometimes) and logical like Binoo.  All in all if you have young kids check out this series and see how they like it.  You don’t have anything to lose because it’s FREE to watch on YouTube and like I said you don’t have to worry about filtering out unappropriate content.
But if you want to know or learn more about Toopy and Binoo, feel free to join @ResourefulMom today at 1 PM EST for a fun Twitter party!  There will be some awesome prizes to win, too.  Make sure to follow and use the hashtag #ToooyandBinoo.  You can also like Toopy and Binoo in Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

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