About That Time

This week is coming to a close and it’s about time for families to get together and break bread, carve turkey and prepare for all those Black Friday sales.  I’m especially excited because my baby sister and younger brother will be crashing at my spot.  Yeah, it’s going to be a tight fit but we always have a bomb ass time when we’re together.  I’m talking about laughing to our stomach hurts over funny stories from the past and present.
There’s no denying that being around my family brings me great joy.  I hope that my kids will have an even stronger bond than I have with my brother and sisters.  I’m looking forward to capturing some memories to go in the scrapbooks.  It’s not often that we get together since we all live in different cities now (and states too).
Anyways, I’m hoping to wrap up my food shopping tomorrow.  I’m responsible for doing pies, mashed potatoes, gravy and a homemade punch.  Not sure what kind of punch yet but I’ve got a few recipes flowing through my mind.  Then of course, I’m cooking something for husband because he has to work.  Booo….. but that’s just the way it is.
His job is important and he’s contributing to making society a better place.  So, I won’t complain.  I decided to skip the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn and wait to see it with my brother and sister when they get here.  It’ll be JJ’s first movie theater experience.  Hopefully, he’ll do well I won’t have to watch the movie from the door.  Moo will be fine. All she needs are some snacks and a soda juice to keep her quiet.
Have you gotten started on your Thanksgiving plans, menu, etc?


  1. Mrs. Pancakes

    November 18, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    Honestly I haven't even had time to think about meal prep but that's because I'm not doing the biggest parts of the cooking…good luck with yours!!

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