A Night At The Movies: Part 1

There’s nothing like spending time with my family.  I’m always looking for activities that get us out the house, having fun and enjoying each other’s company.  However, these last few days have been a bit rainy.  So, that means we’ve been stuck inside. 🙁
I was just about to run out of ideas to keep the kiddies (and myself) entertained when this lovely box of goodies arrived late yesterday. 
See that eager little hand reaching for the popcorn?
What better way to beat cabin fever than a night at the movies?  And did I mention there were snacks in there too?!  Talk about right on time.  Moo, JJ and I stayed up into the late hours of the night laughing our heads off and munching on popcorn and M&Ms.  What did we watch?  See for yourself.
Released this past June, Kiara the Brave is a classic story of betrayal and greed as King Maximus is captured and locked away by his power hungry brother, Dreadmis.  The once calm and easy going kingdom of Dreamzone is immediately thrown into a state of uproar.  With the help of DreamCloud, an outcast, Princess Kiara finds the courage to save her father and their kingdom.
Moo loved this movie. She’s all about princesses these days.  There are some good laughs in this movie.  And the relationship between Princess Kiara and DreamCloud provides a great platform to talk to kids about friendship and getting to know people even if they’re different or don’t fit in.
Space Dogs is the true story of Belka and Strelka, two dogs who were launched into space in 1960.  Belka, a circus dog, comes off as a pampered and spoiled princess and Strelka is an abandoned stray who’s a little rough around the edges.  Together though they form a bond and friendship that overcomes the odds and obstacles they face during their space training.  They learn that with teamwork they can succeed at their mission and help other each.
We enjoyed this movie as well.  Despite Moo being allergic to dogs in real life, we are very much dog people.  And Belka and Strelka kept us entertained.  Our favorite parts were when Belka and Strelka had to go through all the space exercises and training. I loved that this movie was based on a true story.  When it comes to educating and learning about history, I don’t think kids are ever too young.  You just have to find a way to break it down on their level and Space Dogs did that. 
I’m really thankful that Phase 4 Films sent us these movies and yummy snacks!  We definitely recommend both of these movies.  You can find them at your local Target, Walmart and on Amazon.com.
Disclaimer: I was provided the above movies for review and snacks.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own!

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