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52 Books June

OMG y’all, I can’t believe I forgot to recap our June reads and faves.  This post has been sitting in my drafts.  Being down at my mom’s last month without any internet really threw off my blogging schedule.  Better late than never, right?  Anyways, we set a goal of reading 100 books for Summer (June – August) and didn’t do too shabby thus far.

We read a total of 49 books in June.  We almost knocked out half of our Summer reading goal.  A full list of the books we read and which ones were our faves are below.  Don’t forget you can find our May recap here.

May Reads

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June Faves


Moo is all about books related to animals, princesses and dance.  So this book combined of her three favorite subjects in a slightly funny story about Cat and her friend Bear, who is scared to leap because she doesn’t want to see the underpants under her tutu.  Aside from being a fun and easy read, this book fave me the opportunity to talk to Moo about always finding the courage to tackle her fears, especially if they stand in the way of your dreams or prevent you from doing whatever you love.   We also talked about how it’s important to encourage those we love to overcome their fears as well.


This was JJ’s fave.  I wasn’t the least bit surprised that he wanted to read this book a million times.  He’s very much your typical boy.  Mud and cars are definitely a few of his favorite things.  Combine them both in a book and he’s instantly hooked.  This story was super cute!  Can y’all keep a secret?  I picked up a copy of this book for him for Christmas!


I don’t even know where to start.  Why didn’t anyone tell me how awesome Sarah J. Maas was/is?  Seriously, ACOTAR has made me fall back in love with the Young Adult Fantasy/Romance genre, specifically fairy tale retellings.  I absolutely loved Feyre and Tamlin’s story.  This isn’t your typical Beauty & the Beast love story.

The characters and Maas’s writing style had me sucked in by the end of the first chapter.  I’m really struggling NOT to give y’all ALL the details.  So I’m going to just say READ IT!

What We’re Reading This Month


I love Giada’s Everyday Italian show on the Food Network.  It’s so cool that she branched out and started writing a children’s book series about food as well.  I can’t believe I didn’t know this already.  Anyways, I we picked up the first book from our library and can’t wait to get started on it.


It’s important for me to read books to Moo and JJ that feature main characters of colors and not just during Black History Month.  Sometimes though those books aren’t always written by authors of color which is the case with this Liberty Porter series.  Nevertheless this book seems to be a fun read so far.  I would go as far to say that this series may have been inspired the Obamas.


You guys already know that I’m obsessed with the BFF writing duo that is Christina Lauren and their Beautiful series.  I’ve read all of the main books and now I’m currently going back to catch up on the novellas.

Well we’ve officially broken the 300 mark with 314 books read thus far.  Originally our family reading goal for the #52BooksIn2016 Reading Challenge was 150 books.  I moved our goal to 600 books last month and now we’ve passed the half way mark!  I’ve been loving this whole reading challenge and think we’ll pick another reading challenge for 2017 to do as a family.

What’s been the best book you’ve read so far this Summer?

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  1. Mrs. AOK

    August 25, 2016 at 1:10 pm

    Kudos to you and your little readers!! We've been busy reading over here too. I may have my daughter to do a guest blog on some summer reading. 🙂 My son loves the Froggy books. I don't think you can EVER go wrong with Arthur! :)xoxo

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