26: The Adventure Continues

Hello 26!!
Wow, it’s been another year already?  Time is flying.  And I’m feeling truly blessed for all that I was able to accomplish and experience at 25.   So, I’ve been very much looking forward to 26.  I’m finding that getting older is not something dread but something that we should welcome.

Life has so much to offer, but if we’re constantly trying to cling to the past how can we move forward and embrace the success, joy, happiness, love and other wonderful things that await us in our futures?  I set some goals last year.  And this year I’m revising that list.  I’ve grown and my list needs to reflect that growth.

Somethings are getting marked off like my becoming a published author. Excited!!!  More details to come after the New Year.  So without further delay here is my newly reformed list of goals to achieve before my 30th birthday:

List of Adventures to Accomplish by 12/19/15
~Attend Fashion Week in New York
~Buy a House
~Get a New Car
~Write My First Book
~Publish my Book
~Go to Paris
~Vacation in Spain
~Take a Trip to Disney Land/World
~Go on a Cruise
~Attend BlogHer
~Visit my BFF in Philly
~Go Back to College
~Make a VLog
~Expand YUMMommy
~Learn More HMTL 
~Raise $5000 for Charties
~Exercise More
~Meet Some of my Blogger BFFs in Person
~Buy Some Power Tools (I love diy projects)
~Remodel my Mom’s House

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